Mexican Flavor at Gucci Osteria

By Fernanda Tapia

“Fashion and gastronomy can nourish each other.”

Gucci Osteria transforms the Gucci universe into a culinary experience, reinterpreting the most traditional Italian cuisine with innovative and daring dishes.

Mexican chef Karime López is the creative force in the kitchen, with her exceptional concept supported by the three-Michelin-star culinary superstar Massimo Bottura.

Cultural fusion is the key behind her disruptive approach to Italian cuisine, stemming from her Queretaro roots and international experience, including stints at Enrique Olvera’s Pujol, Central in Peru, Can Fabes in Spain, and Ryugin in Tokyo.

For her, fashion and food often share common languages, with similar requirements regarding the art of living and creativity. In fact, she initially wanted to study art until she discovered a form of art that could be tasted.

Her work at the Osteria has earned her a Michelin star, making her the first female chef from Mexico to receive this recognition.

She has also won the favor of locals, no small feat in Florence, where tradition blends with openness to the world.

“I like to think that my cuisine is a reflection of my ‘journey,’ which began in Mexico, hence my purple corn tostada on the Gucci Osteria menu,” she explained in an interview with other media. “I love incorporating fresh and light flavors into my dishes and draw inspiration from all the journeys I’ve been fortunate to experience, as well as from the international restaurants I’ve worked in and called home at some point.

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