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Luxury industry experiences is a travel diary for creators, a global circuit of experiences in different vibrant cities around the world focused on the development of creativity and its business,



We connect cities, locations, creators, connoisseurs, curators and especial guest from across the world through gatherings around the philosophy of fashion and luxury phenomena ; the history and present of material culture and; cities and their identities to transform and inspire creativity and business around it.

Each experience recollects locations that elevates and globalize your knowledge on fashion and luxury industry and phenomena. As accommodation we offer boutique hotels and private residences in iconic areas; we curate visits and routes that allows to understand the pulse beyond the spectacular around each different experience topic, so we can truly take a look behind the scenes of each city.

We select museums and galleries around the travel topic and we arrange access to exclusive locations, we dive into the most important districts of fashion and luxury in each city and we bring the participants closer to the most prominent universities and study centers around the world.

  • – Exclusive hotels
  • – Museums and galleries
  • – Fashion and luxury districts
  • – Visits and routes
  • – Exclusive access
  • – Prominent universities and study centers.

We bring together entrepreneurs, industry specialists, academics, investors, thinkers, creators, curators, all over the world. From intimate meetings to international trade fairs, build the multiplicity of events with the most brilliant minds in the world, elevating and globalizing your profile promoting a rich professional and personal network around the globe.

– Meet and Greets.

– International luxury and fashion trade shows.

– Specialized mentoring.

– Moments around the table.

Each experience develops itself around specific topics; gatherings and locations will enrich these topics, participants will receive a travel book by experience getting access to knowledge that elevates talent and professional development around the fashion and luxury phenomenon and industry.

The city becomes the place to explore topics such as:

  • – Luxury and fashion history and philosophy
  • – Trends and zeitgeist
  • – Specialized industry mentoring
  • – Fashion and luxury business and creativity



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