Global Membership

Our membership circuit around the globe brings together creators, connoisseurs, curators and guest artists, the most brilliant minds transform their search towards the phenomenon and business of fashion and luxury, creating indescribable memories that integrate personal searches and professional passions around the world.

Lucky people: Fashion and Luxury global membership  allows you to open the doors to people and situations to which only those lucky ones have access.

A group of creators from around the world.

Steps to be a lucky

Once you have been selected to be part of Lucky people, you will be able to attend the entire circuit, unlock incentives, prizes and gifts in each of our experiences until you become a lucky creator, obtaining the benefit of attending any of them free of charge. our events around the world and having lifelong access to the network of creators that grows year after year.

1.-Leave us your contact or receive an invitation to be part.

2.-Talk to one of our lucky partners to talk more about us and your profile.

3.-Fill out your application form, we will review your profile and within 48 hours maximum we will notify you if you were selected.

4.-Once selected you must secure your lucky ticket in less than 48 hours.

Steps to be a lucky

Once you have been a Lucky one, you must be part of at least one annual experience to be an active member, you will receive:

1.-Preferential price in all experiences subsequent to the second experience.

2.- Suitcases, capsule clothing and accessories, goody bags and special dinners from the second experience.

3.- Receive an annual travel diary and lucky members directory.

4.- Nights of individual accommodation.

5.- Zoom lucky people meetings.

6.-Travel discounts

7.- Let us tell our members and comunity who you are. 

Become a Lucky

Get a free lifetime participation membership once you complete 6 experiences in any of the destinations. Attend any experience at no cost, and receive the travel diary and member directory annually, give preferential pricing to your friends and family. Be a VIP member an participate experiences and activities year after year at no cost.


General Benefits

1.- Be part of the most exclusive and inspiring group of creators around the world.

2.- Still developing yourself surrounded by lucky people as you. 

3.- Get preferential prices in your lucky journey. 

4.- Receive an annual travel diary and lucky members directory.

5.- Be invited to Zoom lucky people meetings.

6.-Get lucky connections to keep creating. 

7.- Let us tell our members and community who you are. 

8.- Transform your personal and professional path around fashion and luxury industry and phenomena. 

9.- Share your luck!  Invite a friend to be a member, you will not need a selection process and you will be able to unlock preferential prices from your first experience. 




Get lucky! To be part of the experience you must select the experience you want to start with, fill out your pre-admission form and secure your place. Each experience is limited to 12 participants.

Be selected based on your professional and personal profile to be part of this lucky membership! 


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