Who We Are

We are curators, researchers, creators, connoisseurs, investors, innovators, entrepreneurs and specialist in many fields on material culture.

And this research progam is made in collab with Centro de Investigación del fenómeno e industria de la moda y lujo. 

Who creates these research experiences?

Curator in chief:

Montserrat González Caballero

Montserrat, our Curator in Chief, leads the charge in crafting unforgettable research programs and experiences in each city. An accomplished artist, researcher, and director, she’s the visionary behind Fashion and Luxury Research Experiences and co-founder of the Fashion and Luxury Phenomena Research Center. With a passion for education, founder of a Non profit fashion industry school, she’s spearheaded postgraduate programs for over 2000 students and curated numerous networking events. Montserrat’s influence extends globally as Mexico’s representative in the Belt and Road Alliance for Textile Technology and Innovation, fostering partnerships with over 20 countries. As a published author, her work “Fashion and Politics: Mystical Encounters in Mexico City” exemplifies her profound insights into the intersection of culture, fashion, and society as a phenomena.

Associated curator:

Renata Becerril

In our team, we’re proud to have esteemed professionals as associated curators, each based in key cities where our experiences unfold.

Meet Renata, a distinguished design curator and critic residing in France. Renata’s illustrious career includes serving as the Founding Director of Abierto Mexicano de Diseño, Mexico’s pioneering international design festival and the first of its kind in Latin America.

Renata holds a coveted MA in Curating Contemporary Design from Kingston University and the Design Museum in London. Her expertise has shaped numerous exhibitions, and she has contributed her talents to prestigious institutions like the Vitra Design Museum in Germany and the Design Museum in London.

Renata’s discerning eye and extensive experience enrich our programs, ensuring unparalleled insight and innovation in every curated experience.

Associated member: Itziar Azpiazu

Within our research experiences circuit, associated members play a vital role as regular assistants and ambassadors, contributing to the richness and depth of our program. Among them, Itziar stands out as a luminary figure.  With a background as a trained chef specializing in French cuisine, Itziar embodies a deep understanding of culinary artistry and gastronomic traditions.

 Itziar is the visionary founder of Itxik, an innovative collective driven by a shared passion for cultural preservation,  the heart of  mission lies the huipil, a traditional garment imbued with centuries of history and significance within indigenous communities.

Under Itziar’s leadership, Itxik has become more than just a collective; it’s a movement—a celebration of heritage, creativity, and empowerment. Through meticulous curation and promotion, Itziar and her team elevate the huipil from a mere article of clothing to a symbol of cultural pride and artistic excellence.


Be an associated member

We want you to be part of this group, completing all the circuit, and sharing with your colleagues and friends this opportunity.

– Admission is based on profile, professional and personal values shown on attendance at the first research experience.

– All members selected will receive a personal invitation after first experience attendance, benefits of participation and cost will be communicated once the profile is selected.



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