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JULY 05, 2024


JULY 13, 2024





-Explore the concept of luxury and its connection to cultural heritage while discussing the complexities of cultural richness, luxury and economic development

-Meet prominent figures in creative and luxury production in Oaxaca engaging with influential designers, artists, entrepreneurs, investors and curators  in the international contemporary scene around luxury phenomena. 

-Investigate indigenous artisanal practices, including cultural heritage and appropriation

-Participate in hands-on craftmanship activities while exploring the abcd of craftmanship technics.

-Examine the relationship between production and communal practices inmersing  yourself in a living cultural environment to discover new ways of collaboration and production.

-Explore  creative processes for product development through the relation with food, as all our circuit experiences!

-Encourage dialogue around the future of cultural material scene in the world, the place of communal practices and the luxury production.

Research Oaxaca and its relation with luxury  guided by our curators, as we journey through extraordinary museums, libraries, and cultural institutions shaped by Francisco Toledo’s vision, such as the Textile Museum and San Agustin Arts Center. Elevate your profile through exclusive access locations like Bodega Quetzall, La Mesa Puerca, and YOPE Projects, pulsating with communal-oriented works and craftsmanship. Embark on visits beyond Oaxaca City to artisan communities and village studios, witnessing contemporary approaches to traditional craftsmanship in Santo Tomás Jalieza, Teotitlan del Valle, San José del Progreso, Tijalcate, Villa Etla, and Pueblo Nuevo. Explore Oaxaca’s fashion and luxury districts in Xochimilco, City Center, and Jalatliaco, discovering designer shops, galleries, and open studios.

Meet and greets with luminaries like Remigio Mestas, Beto Ruiz, and Narcy Morales offer insights into textile traditions and contemporary artistry. Specialized mentoring sessions with experts cover topics such as natural dyeing and social impact in collaboration. Food becomes a conduit for creativity, with moments around the table facilitating discussions and connections, starting with a welcome meal in Etla Village at Isabel Salgado studio. 

-Cultural heritage and luxury. From historical  view to contemporary questions. 

-ABCD on craftsmanship techniques. Contemporary approach from raw materials to end products. 

-Brands and social impact, new forms of collaborative working- Case studies on communal practices.

-Creative process for product development into craftmanship environment. 

“ It affords the privilege of engaging with artists and entrepreneurs, delving into their techniques, inspirations, and business models"
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Mer Fuentes
Founder / Associate member
"An extraordinary experience having the opportunity to meet, interact, and learn from the most renowned Oaxacan masters in various forms of art, including textile, visual, graphic, and culinary arts, is truly invaluable"
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Itziar Azpiazu
Founder / Associate member
“This program has transformed my perspective on luxury. It has equipped me with the tools and knowledge to advance in my career with a more conscious and responsible outlook. I am grateful for the curators, expert guests, and my peers “
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Daya Chiñas
Founder Mezcal Poder



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