Terms & Conditions

1.- Purpose

a) “LUCKY PEOPLE” is committed to diversity and inclusion, we do not discriminate on any grounds.

b) “EXPERIENCES” will be developed for a minimum of 8 (eight) and a maximum of 12 (twelve) members.

c) “EXPERIENCES” includes gatherings, exclusive hotels and residences, specialized mentoring, entrance to museums and galleries, meet & greets, gala dinners, international luxury and fashion trade shows, visits to fashion and luxury districts, transportation within the city, travel book and travel kit (the content of the kit may vary according to the type of member).

a) “EXPERIENCES” begins when “THE MEMBER” arrives at the accommodation at the destination and ends when he/she leaves the accommodation at the destination.

b) The opening of “EXPERIENCES”, for which “THE MEMBERS” are registered, are subject to a minimum occupancy of 8 people. In the event that “EXPERIENCES” do not reach the minimum occupancy previously established, “LUCKY PEOPLE” reserves the right to change the dates always notifying to “THE MEMBER” at least 15 days prior to the execution of “EXPERIENCES”

c) “LUCKY PEOPLE” undertakes to inform “THE MEMBER” of any change on “ EXPERIENCES” itinerary at least 15 days prior to the execution of the same.

d) When due to “FORTUITOUS CASE OR FORCE MAJEURE” situations such as earthquakes, fires, floods, wars, pandemics and any other situation beyond the control of “LUCKY PEOPLE” that may prevent the partial or total execution of “EXPERIENCES”, “LUCKY PEOPLE” will have the right to modify the plan of “EXPERIENCES” in an irrefutable way, notifying “THE MEMBER” with the enough time for its reprogramming.

e) “LUCKY PEOPLE” reserves the right to change guest artists, connoisseurs and curators initially mentioned in the brochure for the performance of “EXPERIENCES” guaranteeing equality in professional competences and level of education.

f) “LUCKY PEOPLE” is not responsible for any failure or delay in the services provided during “EXPERIENCES” due to force majeure.

g) “LUCKY PEOPLE” is not responsible for any failure or delay in the services provided by “EXPERIENCES” suppliers due to force majeure.

h) “LUCKY PEOPLE” retains the exclusive ownership and full copyright on both, “EXPERIENCES” and the educational materials used during their execution.

i) It is the responsibility of “THE MEMBER” to check in advance the documents required for entry into the country where “EXPERIENCES” will take place.

j) “THE MEMBER” must regularly consult the means of communication provided to “LUCKY PEOPLE” (email, telephone, etc), as any updates regarding “EXPERIENCES” will be notified through them.

k) “THE MEMBER” undertakes to behave appropriately in each of the activities programmed within “EXPERIENCES” as well as to take care and respect the facilities of each place where he/she is.

l) The consumption of drugs (like intoxicating drinks, hallucinogenic substances and psycho-stimulants,etc) is forbidden during the development of the activities of the “EXPERIENCES”, infringing this point is a direct cause of expulsion of “THE MEMBER”.

2.- Payment

a) “THE MEMBER”, has to pay prior to the execution of the experience to “LUCKY PEOPLE”, the total price of “EXPERIENCES”, which must be paid according to the terms accepted by “THE MEMBER” at the moment of his/her admission.

b) The Lucky ticket, is only valid for “EXPERIENCES” that “THE MEMBER” indicates in the first instance and is not transferable to another due to transactional charges arising from payment by bank transfer or to the same credit card with which it was paid and charges prior to “EXPERIENCES” at the destination.

c) In the event that “THE MEMBER” is unable to attend “EXPERIENCES” on the date stipulated in clause one (d), “LUCKY PEOPLE” does not undertake to make the refund due to transactional charges incurred for what was paid by bank transfer or to by credit card with which it was paid and charges prior to “EXPERIENCES” at the destination.

d) “THE MEMBER”, declares to be aware and to accept the deadline to cancel his/her participation to “EXPERIENCES” according to the stipulated date of his/her contract, in case of not doing so, from the day after the stipulated date, his/her attendance will be activated and he/she will not be entitled to any compensation or other rights regardless of the reasons for which they are requested.

e) “LUCKY PEOPLE” will not be responsible for any expenses or travel costs regarding air transportation of “EXPERIENCES” (arrival and departure flights) or meals not considered in the details of “EXPERIENCES”.

f) “THE MEMBER” is responsible for his/her mental health, he/she must travel with a medical insurance, “THE MEMBER” declares “LUCKY PEOPLE” free of any medical responsibility during the dates in which “EXPERIENCES” will take place.

g) It is the responsibility of “THE MEMBER” to share a copy of his/her medical insurance to “LUCKY PEOPLE” within 10 days after sending the signed contract to “LUCKY PEOPLE”.

h) “THE MEMBER” must and undertakes, as a complementary part of the total payment made for “EXPERIENCES”, to leave a credit card open at the beginning of the trip, to cover any damage that may occur during his/her stay in the room as well as in the places to be visited.

3.- Validity

a) This agreement will have effect from the date of signature and will finish on the date of completion of “EXPERIENCES”, in the event of a change of date due to unforeseen circumstances or force majeure, the contract will be in force at the end of the modified date in “EXPERIENCES”.

4.- Infringements

b) “LUCKY PEOPLE” is entitled to order the temporary suspension of one or more activities or in more serious cases, to expel “THE MEMBER” who violates the rules established within the activities to be carried out during “EXPERIENCES”, with particular reference to the rules that cause damage to things and/or people.

c) “THE MEMBER” is fully responsible for the consequences of infringement for any damage caused to things and/or people, and holds “LUCKY PEOPLE” harmless from any disruptive claim by third parties at any time, in any form and location in relation to such consequences and damages.

5.- Authorization for the use of data

a) “THE MEMBER” authorizes “LUCKY PEOPLE” to incorporate this information into its database and to send him/her information on the activities to be carried out.

b) Profiling mechanisms may be used to create a personalized profile, based on the preferences and tastes shown by “THE MEMBER” in the context of the relationship with “LUCKY PEOPLE“, and to allow him/her to receive publicity messages in accordance with his/her profile. In this way the advertising messages “THE MEMBER” may receive will be of greater interest.

c) “THE MEMBER” is bound to inform “LUCKY PEOPLE” of any change in the telephone number, address and/or e-mail address for updating it in the database.

d) “THE MEMBER” is not permitted, for any reason whatsoever, to use the logo of the brand and/or any other distinguishing sign concerning “LUCKY PEOPLE” outside the consent of the brand.