Once you are accepted into the Lucky Journey, you will gain access to the entire circuit, unlocking incentives, prices, and gifts throughout our experiences. As you progress, you can achieve the status of a “Lucky Creator,” which entitles you to attend our events worldwide free of charge and enjoy access to our ever-expanding network of creators year by year.

Thinkers, artists, connoisseurs, entrepreneurs, creators and curators around fashion and luxury industry and phenomena. 

To become a part of our global membership, you’ll need to choose the experience you’d like to start with, complete a pre-admission form and secure your spot. Each experience has a limited capacity of 12 participants.

We will assess your profile, and within 48 hours, we will notify you of your acceptance. 

The purpose of the global membership is to create a personal network of contacts around the world regarding the fashion and luxury industry and phenomena that grows year after year.

Our fashion & luxury industry experiences are carefully designed based on three fundamental pillars: Gatherings, locations and historical and philosophical content. These experiences open temporary windows to memorable moments that inspire and enhance the talent and knowledge of our global members, experiences in the most vibrant cities of the world gather the most lucky people, a global network around a professional passion that grows year after year.

Gatherings: We bring together connoisseurs, artists, entrepreneurs, curators, thinkers and creators. From intimate meetings to international fairs, all this lucky people build the multiplicity of events for this global membership.

Locations: We select boutique hotels and private residences in iconic areas as accommodation; we curate museums galleries, we choose intimate places and we dive into the most important districts of fashion and luxury. As an extra, we teach classes at the most prominent universities and various study centers. Our travel curators present us new paths and routes within the cities that allow us to understand the pulse of these beyond the spectacular, so we can truly take a look behind the scenes of each city, appreciate its phenomena and industries around fashion and luxury.

Historical and philosophical content: We develop content through our travel books and experiences in which global members will have access to knowledge that inspires and enhances talent and professional development around the fashion and luxury phenomena and industry.

Flights to and from the destination and meals are not included in the experiences’ prices.

Flights are not included because some members live in other countries and the logistics of booking flights are complicated. Meals are not included because of members’ different tastes and preferences.

You will have access 7 days before the departure date of your experience.

Depending on the distance between each place to visit, we can use uber, public transport and in the case of places near others, we can walk. For activities out of the city, we will use special car (like vans) to move around safely and comfortably.

On the other hand, when the route requires moving from one city to another, depending on distance we can use plane or train.

It is possible that due to the availability of guest artists, connoisseurs and curators, some activities may have variations; however, in every experience unexpected situations can lead us to better findings in other activities or places previously selected by our team of curators and directors. 

For any change in the activities of the experience, we will inform you at least 15 days before the departure date.

At the end of the year all members will receive an annual travel diary and a global directory of contacts. 

It is recommended to check in advance the documents required for entry into the country where the experience will take place according to the member nationality. Please find below some links that may help:







No, for experiences outside of the United States, a US visa is not required.

Your experience begins when you arrive at your destination.

Your experience ends when you check out of your room at your destination.

You will receive your travel kit prior to arrival at your destination or at your destination, as you prefer.

You will receive a travel book at each destination.

Once payment has been received, our Lucky team will contact you within 48 hours to send you the contract setting out the terms and conditions of being part of any of the experiences.

No, the Lucky ticket is only valid for the experience that the member indicates in the first instance and is not transferable to another due to transactional charges arising from payment by bank transfer or to the same credit card with which it was paid and charges prior to the experience at the destination.