Barnabé Fillion and the Poetry of Scent: Inspiring the World with Parisian Fragrances

By María Sánchez & Fernanda Tapia

Fragrances, with their ability to evoke emotions and memories, have maintained a close relationship with the concept of beauty throughout history. The art of perfumery is not only about creating pleasant aromas but also about capturing the essence of beauty in every bottle. In this context, the French perfumer and mixologist Barnabé Fillion plays a prominent role.

A frequent collaborator with renowned brands such as Le Labo and Paul Smith, among his most notable achievements is his contribution to some of Aesop’s best-selling fragrances.

In addition to his expertise in crafting exceptional fragrances, he is also a perfume packaging designer for his own brand, “Arpa,” thereby merging sensory and visual beauty in his creations.

As a former model, Barnabé met many personalities during his projects, including photographers, architects, and writers, until he encountered a perfumer who inspired him to start his career and translate his ideas into bottles.

While he is primarily based in Paris, his curiosity has led him to study botany and even venture to NASA in search of the smell of the moon, providing him with vast knowledge to understand the components that make a perfume successful. He uses between 50 and 60 different ingredients in his creations, guided by the principles of innovation and tradition.

Given that smell is the only sense that is fully developed at birth, Barnabé believes it to be special for reconnecting with ourselves. This is why he pushes the boundaries in how he creates perfumes. Like the greatest artists in history, inspired by the visual, textures, and sounds around him, Barnabé continues to astonish noses around the world.