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SEPTEMBER 08, 2024


SEPTEMBER 15, 2024





Lucky Trip: 7 Days, 8 Nights in Florence!!!

Italian model has the best balance between creativity and high quality production process, it isn’t rare to say “italians do it better”, but why? We will embark into the most influential and important center of luxury leather goods production from all over the world at the same time we dive deep into the new trends on technology, the best mix to elevate and globalize your profile.

We will approach a series of contents that will answer questions such as: What are the cornerstones of craftsmanship, and how do they influence the global luxury landscape?

Which is the operative base of italian industry model from raw material to commercialization?

Where technologies are taking luxury and fashion? Where does craftsmanship and luxury melts with technology?

We choose boutique hotels and private residences in iconic areas as our accommodations; curate visits to museums, galleries, intimate venues, and luxury exploration sites that align with the topics of each of our experiences, and explore the most significant fashion and luxury districts. As a bonus, we occasionally offer teaching sessions at universities and other academic institutions.

We bring together connoisseurs, artists, businessmen, curators and creators at different times. From intimate meetings to international fairs, all this lucky people build the multiplicity of events of this global membership.

  • – Meets and Greets
  • – Visits and routes
  • – Moments around the table
  • – International luxury and fashion tradeshows
  • – Specialized mentorings

We develop content through our travel books and experiences in which global members will have access to knowledge that inspires and enhances talent and professional development around the fashion and luxury phenomenon.

Each experience becomes the window to explore topics such as:

  • – Craftsmanship, fashion and Luxury: The Italian Industry Model.
  • – Fashion and luxury tech and its connection to the evolution of the luxury industry.
  • – Craftsmanship process from design to merchandising. Fur, Accessories, and Footwear.
  • – The debate on the future of fashion and luxury


Within cultural spaces where under one roof lies an open-to-public gallery, a shop, workshop with classes, film screening evenings, artist residencies, and more, there exists a different lens through which to view one's surroundings. It's a space where one can explore the richness of Oaxacan cultural heritage, comprehending and appreciating luxury from an alternative perspective, while also absorbing knowledge and questioning everything. These spaces epitomize the manner in which Oaxaca showcases its creations to the world: authentically local, embracing all forms of artistic expression, but above all, focused on the concept of fostering community.
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Mer Fuentes
Founder / Associate member
Moreover, the immersion into the realms of art and craftsmanship proved to be nothing short of exceptional. It illuminated the seamless integration of traditional artisanal techniques with contemporary design, yielding truly distinctive creations. This profound encounter has heightened my appreciation for the indispensable role of craftsmanship in the realm of luxury.
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Daya Chiñas
Founder Mezcal Poder
"An extraordinary experience that profoundly changed my life and perspective. Having the opportunity to meet, interact, and learn from the most renowned Oaxacan masters in various forms of art, including textile, visual, graphic, and culinary arts, is truly invaluable. It's a priceless journey that I am immensely grateful for. Thank you very much. I am eagerly looking forward to attending the program in Paris."
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Itziar Azpiazu
Founder / Associate member



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