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JUNE 30, 2024


JULY 07, 2024





Lucky Trip: 7 Days, 8 Nights in Paris!!!

Evolve your perception on luxury phenomena, forecast the new coming trends, elevate your knowledge on luxury industry, acquire skills and globalize your profile being part of this experience plenty of brilliant top minds who are part of the valuable chain based in the principles on luxury and haute couture.

The history of the Western luxury industry traces its origins to the palaces of Versailles during the reign of Louis XIV. Paris has solidified its position as the foremost city for comprehending this phenomenon, as well as for the establishment of major international luxury conglomerates nowadays. Examining the history of luxury and its current status will enable us to discern trends and opportunities within the realms of creativity and business in the fashion and luxury industries.

We choose boutique hotels and private residences in iconic areas as our accommodations; curate visits to museums, galleries, intimate venues, and luxury exploration sites that align with the topics of each of our experiences, and explore the most significant fashion and luxury districts. As a bonus, we occasionally offer teaching sessions at universities and other academic institutions.

We bring together connoisseurs, artists, businessmen, curators and creators at different times. From intimate meetings to international fairs, all this lucky people build the multiplicity of events of this global membership.

  • –  Meets and Greets
  • – Visits and routes
  • – Moments around the table
  • – International luxury and fashion tradeshows
  • – Specialized mentorings

We develop content through our travel books and experiences in which global members will have access to knowledge that inspires and enhances talent and professional development around the fashion and luxury phenomenon.

Each experience becomes the window to explore topics such as:

  • – History of Western Luxury: Luxury and Power.
  • – From materials to pieces of art.
  • – The Flâneur and the Passages of Paris: The Luxury of the Bourgeoisie.
  • – Immaterial Luxury: Luxury and Scarcity.
  • – Fake Luxury.
  • – Current Luxury Trends


Creators, Connoisseur, Curators